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Occupation Data

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In Lexington County we have a proven track record of providing quality workers for our new and existing industry.  We are proud to have workers who are skilled, loyal, eager for new opportunities and highly trainable. Lexington County has many available and motivated workers ready to contribute to your company’s success.

South Carolina is a right to work state and annually ranks among the least unionized states in the nation.  Less than 4% of the state’s workers are members of a labor union.

To help existing businesses meet the growing demands of the marketplace, Lexington County works closely with our state and local workforce partners to develop and implement programs for new and existing business and industry in both the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. 

Occupational Employment & Wage Statistics (May 2018): 



Workforce Partners

For more specific information about our workforce partners, click on one of the agency websites below.  Our entire team is ready to help your business succeed in Lexington County, South Carolina:

readySC™ Workforce Training Program

Midlands Technical College 

Lexington County/Midlands OneStop

Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act Assistance

South Carolina Department of Employment & Workforce

University of South Carolina

Lexington County Workforce Partner Organizations